“I’ve known Savannah since high school but life happened and we didn’t talk to each other as often as we did before. We still followed each other on social media though, so every now and again I would go on her page and see how she was doing. A few years ago, I was going through a mental breakdown. At the time, I had no idea it was full on depression. Where me and Savannah are from, talking about any kind of mental health was not common. So, of course I felt alone and felt as though NO ONE around me could lend me a helping hand. I was on my couch crying because I couldn’t understand what was going on and I just so happen to go on Savannahs page, which lead me to her blog. I had read all of her different blog post and at the time she didnt have many. I read them over twice. She talked about different parts of her life from her and her family moving away from NYC, being pregnant, the ups and down of parenting and of course mental health. The mental health post got me. After I read them, I wrote her expressing my love and gratitude towards her and her blog. We talked for some time and I didn’t feel as helpless as I did before. Finally an honest, true, real, and loving person with honest, true, real, and loving words. Me and my fiancé do not have kids yet and we relate to different topics on her blog. Savannah, never ever stop writing. You don’t know whos life you’re shinning a light in.”- Kayla, a dear friend