Our children do understand!

In my mind, this piece is meant to be short but I always have a lot to say so we shall see… I experienced something recently with my 2 year old that was definitely an eye opener. It made me feel proud of sticking to my guts when Ive been told to do something differently when it comes to my parenting and I just want to make other parents aware.

So we just had a four day weekend because of Memorial Day, so me and the boys had so much daddy/husband time and one of the things me and ruben decided to do was catch on up on one of our favorite shows… Gotham. Now we had our 2 year old on the sofa with the Ipad, his blanket, chocolate milk and even popcorn and as he watched his show, Little Einsteins, we watched ours… If you dont know what Gotham is about, it involves many villians and superheroes but the way the stories are told, the show can be very violent and graphic…Nothing crazy was going on  until there was. One character was pointing a gun at another person and was seriously about to shoot him, and right there I paused the show because I noticed my sons curiosity caused him to look up from the Ipad. So instead, my husband set him up on our bed upstairs, I told him “go upstairs with daddy and watch tv on mommys bed” and upstairs he went. We continued to watch the show but then he comes back down, and this is what shocked me… he came back down with his buzz lightyear space gun and starting “shooting” at us and then he said “oh no what did I do?”…

Now so many people might find this story funny or cute because he’s only 2 years old. But here is where everyone is mistaken… Just because his age is such a small number it does not mean he doesnt understand whats going on around him, particulary on the tv. I have been on the phone with people having a normal conversation about tv shows and I have mentioned how I dont watch The Walking Dead when the boys are around, or just other violent movies/tv shows and theres been numerous amount of times where I would get a response like “oh he doesnt know whats going on” or “oh he’ll just forget about it” or ” he’s going to see it eventually”. Those things urk me. Because who are we to determine what our children actually understand. We do not control that. But what we do control, is what we allow our children to listen to, or see. Science has actually been able to prove that children who watch tv that contains violence, are more aggressive than children who dont.

I am not raising an aggressor. I am raising a happy child and a loving child but do not mistaken me, I am not saying that YOU are raising an aggressor just because you dont see anything wrong with a child seeing violent things…that’s you. However, I have tested these theories out on my own child to see if they were true and from my own experience they have been. My son has gotten nightmares and has been so afraid to even fall back asleep, and then theres other times like this past incident. I dont want my kid to think that this is normal. Tv is narcotizing and desensitizing. For the sake of our children, we have to be aware of how much tv influences our children.  Someone shooting someone else is definitely not cool and not okay no matter how mad you are at them. So pardon me, those of you who think I may be a little uptight, or overprotective. I dont care. My children are my life and I will shield them from whatever I have to for as long as I need to, so they dont have to see how cruel this world is, like I did, at such a young age.


Thanks for reading! I did try to keep it short! (haha)

-Savannah ❤


Author: savannahspeaks

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