Regret Not

I have gone through my life hoping to never have any regrets. The other day I was reminded of how I wanted to play college softball after I graduated high school and I immediately felt regret. Regret for getting married, regret for honoring my mother, regret for falling in love so young, just regret. I got accepted to NYACK College and was so excited to play for them. I received almost $30,000 in financial aid and scholarships. Sometimes I wish I wouldve stayed instead of getting married but I cant even imagine a life without my husband or my kids. I wonder why life didnt take me through the path I thought was right for me. I have come so far in my life and right now I am still taking strides to being the person I want to be. If I had stayed and not got married I wouldve been graduating to be a teacher and for what! to later on realizing my passion and love for work is in the medical field? Honestly speaking, I wouldve preferred to have had my children when I was more settled into life, had a degree and just knew somewhat where life was going to take me. Things are much harder trying to figure out what im going to do with my life and how I am going to get their with two kids on either hip. I love my babies TO DEATH but I wanted to be more before they were born. I dont regret my kids, just to clear that up. I also wonder if my husband wouldve ended up in the military afterall. His enlistment was one of the hardest times and moments in our relationship and I wonder if we were in college would he have taken that route regardless. I guess im having a case of the “what-ifs” and I think so many people deal with this. It’s perfectly normal to wonder how different your life may have been if you just made one decision differently. I believe God guides us into the paths we should be in whether we like it or not. When it comes to regret, dont regret your journey. You will be where you want to be sooner or later. Things have a way of falling into place. Be content with your life. Go through a moment of the “what-ifs” but then move on. I am moving on tonight! I love my life. I love my husband. I love my boys. I love Rhode Island and California. Im even learning to love the military (that may take a little longer unless we get stationed in Germany or Italy). Love your journey with all the bumps in the road.

“The grass isnt always greener on the other side, its greener where YOU water it”

Signing Off,

Savannah ❤


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30 thoughts on “Regret Not”

  1. A case of the “what ifs” can definitely spark a regret spiral, but I have to think everything happens for a reason. This is going to sound silly but something I read in a book Bethany Frankel wrote has always stuck with me, and that’s her theory on “all road lead to Rome'” which is basically wherever you end up IS where you are meant to be, even if it’s not what you expected, you took the steps and so it’s all right in the end.

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  2. I love your ending quote because that’s what we have to focus on when regret rises. Your choices in life push you to your destiny one way or another. Sometimes you end up taking a different path in life. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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  3. I love this! My husband is in the military as well. I love this life. It can be difficult, but it’s nice to be able to see the world.


  4. You have such a great perspective here. It’s true, motherhood is hard – especially because you end up putting yourself second (or last) so often, and your dreams change so quickly. The instant those babies are born, everything changes forever, and sometimes that’s jarring. Sometimes it’s the day they come, sometimes it isn’t until years later. But I love how you came around in the end to being so grateful for where you are in life and the family that you’ve been blessed with!

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  5. Oh honey, I think there are a lot of people who can relate to this kind of post and feelings. I don’t know if it’s really regret, or just sort of hanging onto the “what if”… the idea that if maybe we took the other path things could have been even greater… and maybe we could have had it all. Softball and babies after ; ) That kind of thing. But that’s just not life… it’s so unpredictable. But you are not alone! Keep looking at the positives in your real life though ; )

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  6. You’re you’re open, honesty is so refreshing. And You’re so right. “What-ifs” should be about discovering what you really want in the present and the future. Not to dwell on the past. Hopefully you do make it to Germany or Italy.

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  7. We can’t live knowing that there are “what-ifs” we have to either be content with what we have or go after what we think we’ve lost. It’s never too late to go after your dreams.


  8. This is such a lovely message. We definitely don’t end up the way we always planned to be. Sometimes, life takes us on a different direction. I think it’s all about acceptance and loving what you have right now.


  9. sometimes i find those “what if” thoughts are just a state of my mind. Am hapoy that my Dada is always there to listen and guide me, because as a team we need to help hands to make it.



  10. Many time I regret my few decisions. whenever it comes pick one path from two options, you feel regret about another one. There is always what if the question for everything. I can understand your situation. Just be positive and listen to your heart.


  11. Even after trying our very best in life, there will d=still be regrets. But I think it’s still a decision, just enjoy the journey and be thankful for everything you have and you will have 🙂


  12. Sounds like you took the path you were meant to take, and have beautiful like and family. Move past those regrets and look at the future


  13. I think we all go through a process of what if and while you were passionate about teaching and your career and despite the unexpected arrival of marriage and kids, I think that ultimately it changed your life for the better. You have a beautiful family who love and respect you as you do in return. I have many what ifs but I live life with no regrets because it is too short x


  14. All of these posts are so encouraging. Thank you everyone for supporting my daughter’s blog. When I read this I must admit I felt sad thinking about the fact that my daughter may have been feeling overwhelmed with her life, but I know she loves her husband and two boys and she is doing the best she can. Ash, you will accomplish everything you set your heart to do, you will find your niche!! I love you and I’m so proud of you! Keep writing!! – Mom

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