To Every Muslim Ive Ever Encountered


I have had the pleasure of knowing and meeting so many muslim/middle eastern people and honestly speaking, Ive never felt scared or threatened by your culture. If anything, I was always curious and would ask questions like ” Why do you have to wear the cloth around your head? and “Why do you pray so many times a day?” I never asked to be ignorant and judgemental. I asked because I love learning about others cultures. I wanted to make sure that you knew I wasnt threatened by you or for shorter terms, a rascist. Our newest President of the United States of America has issued a #MuslimBan. Some of you have been sent back to your country; I dont think I really have to say that THAT IS NOT RIGHT! But this issue goes beyond our recent events. It goes back over a decade to 9/11, to Osama Bin Laden, and to the Taliban. These events caused a national hatred (against anyone from the middle east), which really derives from everyone being SCARED of you. Im writing this to say im sorry. Im sorry that your people just cant cut a break! Majority of you came to America to learn, to live freely, to receive the same opportunities in life as us Americans. I know for a fact that you didnt come here to be labeled as terrorists, to be labeled as a threat. I dont go on a plane and see a muslim and think “great im going to die today.” I doubt that when your parents had to say goodbye to you and sent you to this country, their hope was for you to grow up, learn how to make a bomb, and then set it off somewhere and kill hundreds of people. Im sorry you guys have to walk in fear of your own life because so many people dont want you to here. I’d like to think that even in a time of war in a foreign country, that if given the chance, one of you may actually save my husbands life. Well for the record, I want you here! I want your culture here! I want your people here! We need you here! This country needs you too. I went to highschool with so many muslims hoping to get an education. I had muslim classmates that I had to work with and study with.  Yes some will throw their lives away. Yes, not every single one has the best intentions. BUT that goes the same for white americans, black americans, mexican americans, asian americans, or simply just americans born and raised in this “land of the free” country. I hope that even with all this hatred against you, that your heart remains pure. That you do not give into the hate. Spread love. Spread knowledge. Continue to fight peacefully for your rights. Vengeance is not yours. Its not Trumps either, or any other rascist in this country. Its Gods. Its Allahs. I will continue to pray for you! Live in peace.


Savannah Ruiz


Author: savannahspeaks

It's time my voice was heard.

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