Her name is Esther

She is young, smart and powerful

Yet her world isnt so colorful

Theres so much black and not enough white

She meets this boy one day who sparks up a conversation

They spoke for hours in the grass, forgetting she had curfew

She was captivated by his charm, his voice, and his smile

She loves broken souls because she is a broken soul

and he was broken…they clicked

They talked, they laughed, they kissed…

They had sex…

Esther expected a relationship with him

He called her baby, sweety and love

He used the word “Please” too many times

He made it so easy for her give in

He made it so easy for her to give up her power

She begged for committment

He begged for her body

She begged for his soul

He begged for her body… again…

She desperately gives in

Leaving her soul behind on the mattress he had on the floor

She screams at herself, “WHY  DO YOU HAVE NO POWER AGAINST HIM!?”

A voice screams back at her, ” YOU NEED TO FEEL LOVE, YOU NEED TO FEEL WANTED!”

She cries herself to sleep

The sun rises

Her phone vibrates she gets a text

its him

she caves with just 5 words in a text message

“I want to see you”

“Ill be there soon”

She gets ready, she makes herself pretty

She thinks “he wants me… today im going to be loved”

She sees him…

They go inside his building, into the elevator, in his house and into his room

They kiss, they undress, he moves the hair out of her face and says,

“I love you”

but she doesnt say it back

Shes been waiting for him to say those words for months now

Shes satisfied with hearing him say it

Shes tired of being used

Shes tired of being manipulated

but now shes also cold-hearted

the words “i love you” mean nothing to her heart

they have sex… she leaves…

A few days later, her phone vibrates, its him

“I want to see you I miss you”

Esther says “No”

Esther got her power back

Esther was ready to give her power to someone else

Its a vicious cycle she has yet to realize…

Her heart is blinded by the need to feel loved…

I hope Esther finds her love…

but wait, she did… a few years later

she found the love of her life

who begged her to keep her power…


Author: savannahspeaks

It's time my voice was heard.

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