you came into my life during a crucial time…

my teenage years…

you taught me to leave my problems off the dirt

you taught me that for 2 hours a day I can forget about it all

my postion gave me confidence

it gave me pride…

it was all about having quick reactions and amazing reflexes

you challenged my talent

you challenged me every single day…

you yelled with passion

you yelled because you cared

there was two sides to you though

the side that encouraged

and the side that destroyed

i dont think you were aware of that side of you

yet you…

destroyed my confidence

destroyed my pride

destroyed my self esteem

you made me believe I could never lead

you made me believe that my peers didnt like me

you were amazed that my teachers loved me

you told me to lose 5lbs to be faster

you told me you couldnt see me in college

you gave me social anxiety

you, you, you

yet I think about you often

i think of all the conversations we had

about my life my fears my goals

why have I been so conflicted all these years?

you left a mark on my heart…

you left a hole in my heart

its weird how I feel like I lost someone

you were nothing more than my coach

but there I go again searching for a father in all the wrong places…



Author: savannahspeaks

It's time my voice was heard.

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