On October 15th, 2010

I was baptized

by him

But little did I know what I was being baptized into

A baptism is suppose to mean the beginning of a holy life

A Godly Life

I was only 14 years old

I didnt know what that meant

I guess that was the perfect time to take advantage

Dipped in a pool of water

Declarations made over my life

Feeling as though I washed all my sins away

Oh how that felt so good!

Soon after…

I realized that nothing really was different

Its not that I didnt try my hardest

I was misguided



Full of so much hurt that was masked by this baptism

I couldnt believe that I was free

How could I if the one who made these declarations over my life was a false prophet?

Did I take that too far?

Did I say out loud what everyone else was thinking?

In the moment I thought I was being baptized into a spiritual family

In peaceful waters

In forgiving waters

In waters of grace

I was instead baptized into religion

Into manipulation

Into deceit

No, Im not saying that that’s what God represents

That was the one who baptized me represented

in my life…

I dont accept this baptism anymore

I dont accept what this baptism meant for my spiritual life

I dont accept the hypocrisy

But I still accept Jesus!

Except without all the religion

That’s all that matters to me

One day, I hope to be baptized again

In waters of true peace

My day will come !

Signing off,

Savannah ❤


Author: savannahspeaks

It's time my voice was heard.

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