You Died…

A decoration flower is placed near gravestones during Qingming Festival in Beijing

You died…

When I found out you were sick, I didn’t flinch

I thought maybe at first I was in shock

I thought maybe I didn’t care

I thought everyone was crazy for actually grieving

Maybe my heart was too cold

It’s been two years since you died

somehow nothing has changed

Im not cold

Im not bitter

Im not hateful

Yes, Im hurt

But so many are better off without you

You died…

2 years 5 days

However its not the the length but the date

March 25th

I thought I was being punished for not grieving you

When my son was born on

March 30th

But I realized that instead, you were being replaced

The hurt YOU caused

The pain YOU caused

Was being replaced

Was now overshadowed

By a blessing, by joy, by happiness

I could forget about you altogether

And love the human being I gave life to

After yours was taken

You died…

I didn’t flinch

I didn’t cry

I didn’t get upset

I wasn’t sad for you

I was sad for the wife and two girls you left behind

No matter what kind of human being you were

You were a husband and father

A shitty one

But they mourned

They cried

They flinched

Maybe you deserved that much

So many of your secrets have been revealed

But you died…

Even your wife and daughters are happier beings

Your “leaders” and “followers” are happier beings

The world is a happier being

Because you died…


you are dead…


Author: savannahspeaks

It's time my voice was heard.

2 thoughts on “You Died…”

  1. i know this has a lot of meaning but i cant help but think of cool metal lyrics at the end :)…. i guess once there is that stain of hate/hatred it can be hard for the kindness to come out for their death when all you can do is wish for death…. trust me there are a few still living that i would not break a sobering word if they drop dead…. and i’ll say his name with no issue… Paul Douglas i hope you are suffering now and suffer in what ever after life takes you he took my friend Milton and i will rejoice that punks death


    1. Im sorry for your friend Milton. May he R.I.P. I would just like to say that I never wished death of this man even with everything he’s done. I could never wish death on anyone. This poem just describes how his death meant so many could be free from the power he held over them. Unfortunately it was death.


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