Five Years!


Five years! That’s how long it took for my healing process to begin. Five years! for me to learn how to love unconditionally. Five years! to learn how to forgive. Five years! to let go of the anger and bitterness. It took me five years for my heart to be filled with more love than I ever thought was possible. Five years! to love MY living and breathing life. In the last five years, I have learned to be selfless. It is amazing how having LOVE in your heart can change you completely. Five years ago, I was no longer mistreated, verbally abused, humilated, ashamed and suicidal. It all stopped five years ago ! After it stopped, I met someone… My husband…The father of my children…I know God put him in my life in that time, for way more than companionship. He was put in my life to be the light that I needed in the mist of all the darkness in my heart. Though he was not a spiritual being, I believe whole heartedly that God was in him, and through him I was loved. Unconditionally loved! How amazing! I can’t believe how much five years can do. In five years, I became a wife, a mother, and a military family. In five years, I have experienced true happiness that I never saw for myself. It took five years for me to truly learn what it means to “let go and let God.” FIVE YEARS!

What has five years done for you?

Signing off

Savannah ❤


Author: savannahspeaks

It's time my voice was heard.

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