When do they stop feeling naked? When do they stop looking at the world as if the world knows all their secrets? Why was humiliation an okay method? There was no proof it was effective since they continued to make mistakes. Since when was it okay to use God as way to make them feel condemned when God says “Theres no condemnation in those who are in Christ Jesus”. Why did everyone ignore the evilness? Why was everyone so blind to the manipulation and again, the humiliation. Why were they naked ? If God is the only one who can judge, who gave you the staff? Who gave you power? How could your ego be so big? Did you think you were more powerful than God himself? What did “tough love” mean to you? Did it give you the right to intimidate, manipulate,and humiliate? Or how about to be abusive physically, mentally,emotionally and spiritually to young people who were confused of everything? Why was it okay to expose the common sins of the people that God forgives us for everyday but not the sins of lustful men out for prey? And why did death have to come to you so soon? Why did your death mean that so many became free



From the spritually broken souls you left behind


Author: savannahspeaks

It's time my voice was heard.

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