Social Media vs My Boys vs Me

Mother holding baby drawing

I finally have decided to approach and explain the reasons as to why I do not like for other people (family or friends) to post pictures of my children as well as why I do not like to post pictures of my own.

I made this decision after googling my name as well as family and friends. I did not like finding an actual picture of them under “images”on Google. I know that whatever is put on the internet stays on the internet and this is what scared me. I feel like with just the right amount of photos and shares my own children will be able to be googled and they are only babies. Call me overprotective, I dont care, but not everyone on the internet has the best intentions. Their are dirty sick people out there that take images of children from the internet and do unmentionable things with them and even go as far as finding them and kidnapping them. Am I taking it too far? I think not. I will do WHATEVER I have to do to protect my boys from sickos! My family and friends do not have to agree with this decision but you do have to respect it. I do my best to keep everyone that loves my boys included by sending photos through text, however, it makes it very difficult for me when I get asked “Can I post on Facebook?”. I know my family has moved so far from our families and you all get excited when we send you photos, and this is why its difficult because we do not want to take away from your excitement by telling you “no you cannot”.I feel like it gives me this power of telling people what they can and cannot do and I do not like it.

Lets take my nephews for example. Those boys are everything to me. Before the youngest was born, I use to post photos every chance I got of my oldest nephew. However after making the decision about my own children, I found it necessary to protect other peoples children, in this case, my brothers boys. I understand the urge to post because you love receiving comments about how beautiful they are and you also just want to share with your family and friends. I look at it like this. Once you post the photo, everyone loves it for a second and then gets over it. The idea that when I post a photo of my boys and it continues to be shared by so many different people, it scares me. Its not just my friends. Its my friends friends friends friends and so on that can see. Strangers to my boys and to my family. Besides people have bad intentions, their are people out there that also wish bad upon children. I know that my boys are BLESSED! I will protect my boys but I know that God will protect my boys too. I do not live in fear that something bad will happen to them but I also refuse to walk around like it is not possible.

Sometimes I post photos just to keep my family and friends updated. Like a quick ” Hey Everyone, Yes we are all alive”. I know when my oldest was born I used to post photos of him all the time so my decision now has taken so many of you aback but understand I didnt know what I knew now. I hope that you all will understand that I am only protecting my children, as those of you who have children will do.

Thanks for reading !

Signing Off

Savannah ❤


Author: savannahspeaks

It's time my voice was heard.

2 thoughts on “Social Media vs My Boys vs Me”

  1. You are an amazing mother Ash! I admire the lengths you’re always willing to go for the boys, all four of them 😉


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